Subiton VTP acrylic cement is produced to fill the vertebral bodies with structural changes by osteoporosis, tumor infiltration (benign or malignant), vascular malformations and some specific cases of trauma.

Applies intervertebral through injection devices;
Low setting temperature;
High radiopacity (40% of barium sulfate);
Long working time;
Initial low viscosity to facilitate loading of the applicator material;
Cement applicator for vertebroplasty;
Injection mechanism with pressure control device;
Pressure release mechanism safety (trigger);
It includes disposable applicator pistol;
It is for single use.


Vacuum mixer for vertebroplasty:

Subimix VTP has two main advantages: elimination of the vapors produced during the mixing; improvement in the mechanical properties of the cement. It possesses a “Luer” connection that fits most vertebroplasty systems.