The Sonoca 300 equipment is one of the most versatile models around, designed to work with all types of hand pieces, except liposuction parts. Accepts hand pieces with 25, 35 or 55kHz frequencies. Compatible with washing parts and sepsis: 97-102, 97-112, 97-103 or 97-104, with the ultrasonic scissors: 96-K22, 96-K23, 98-K190-K325 and 98 with the hooks: 96-K30 and K31-96 with micro suction parts: 91-020, 91-021, 91-024, 91-025, 92-020, 92-021, 92-112 and 92-030, and the macro suction parts: 94-101, 94-106, 94-001, 94-005, 94-054, 94-103, 94-003, 94-101 and 94-106-HF-HF.

Areas of Application

Dissection and ultrasonic aspiration, bone wear, ultrasonic cutting and coagulation, wound debridement and orthopedic wash.

Compatible instruments

Micro, Macro and high frequency macro hand pieces, ultrasonic scissors and hooks, bone instruments, parts for treatment of wounds.

Working frequencies: 25 Hz, 35 kHz or 55 kHz

Pump integrated irrigation: yes

Integrated suction: yes