The Macom Trigeminal Nerve Needle Kit is provided in the mounted condition, sterile, ready to use, individually packaged in double packaging, blister and sealed with surgical paper, packed in cardboard cartridges for transport and packaging.

Before use, make sure that the packaging is not opened or damaged; check the validity of sterilization.

The surgery techniques vary according to the choice of surgeon, and thus, it is up to the surgeon the choice of method to be used and the criteria for evaluation of results of the surgery.


The Macom Trigeminal Nerve Needle Kit, MA-17000 model, for the percutaneous surgical compression procedure of Gasser ganglion and trigeminal roots by balloon (catheter) in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia / Retro gasserian Neurotomy.

The kit comes with needles, instruments and components that allow performing the percutaneous procedure.

Specifications and Technical Features

The Macom Trigeminal Nerve Needle Kit is sold individually as disposable kits, supplied in the assembled condition ready for use, sterilized by ethylene oxide (ETO).

Single use, disposable product; do not reuse and/or re-sterilize the product.