Lumbar Fusion transforaminal arthrodesis System made of biocompatible PEEK-Optima.


T-Space® PEEK is an implant used for stabilization of thoraco-lumbar spine via the transforaminal, mono- and multisegment access. T-Space® was designed to suit the requests of a minimally invasive surgical technique. Therefore, the innovative S4® Lumbar system, Spine Classics retraction system and T-cage Space® form an interesting combination for a arthrodesis. The X-ray transparency allows quick and easy review of the structure and progress of fusion. The radiolucent pins serve for locating of the markers. The elasticity moduli encourage load sharing between implant and bone, thus stimulating bone healing.


Unilateral and minimally invasive approach in the spine;
Combination of S4® Spinal and MLD Retractor systems proven in hundreds of surgeries by using the mini-open technique;
Wide range of implant sizes, offering the right size for the patient;
Simple and clearly organized instruments.


Thoracolumbar fusion in case of: Degenerative instability, spondylolisthesis, post-disectomy syndrome and post-traumatic instability.


The banana-shaped implant ensures maximum contact area between the vertebrae and the implant is thinner, so it can be introduced by the foramen. PEEK-Optima® is X-ray transparent.
Tantalum markers serve to locate the implant.
Anatomical shape and serrated profile.