Developed by the German company Schwa-medico for the routine treatment of chronic pain. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to use, making it safe and portable. The navigation menu is simple and easy to use. It allows the user to start with a machine and electrode safety test.


Radiofrequency Lesion is defined as the result obtained after the heating effect of structures by passing a high frequency electrical current through the body.

The radiofrequency lesion uses the properties of the high frequency currents to produce controlled heat in order to generate limited lesions in or around nerve tissue.

This radiofrequency lesion generator has the ability to measure the temperature at the electrode tip, producing lesions that are highly controlled in time and temperature.

NK TherMedico 1 is used in the therapeutic field for the treatment of pain in humans and is operated by nerve injury through controlled temperature, using energy as therapy without directly affect the nerve. Through electrodes and cannulas, the device acts:

– Percutaneous coagulating tissue using radiofrequency.
– The percutaneous application of pulsed radiofrequency.