The mold for modeling skullcap reconstruction piece is individually developed on the CT scan of the patient, providing restoration of symmetry, with good adaptation to the bone edges, expediting the surgical procedure. Used in the operating room, to model the acrylic bone cement choice of the surgeon, the mold ensures the reproduction of the virtually planned reconstruction.

CT scan (Protocol)

The CT scan needed for it. The entire sequence of axial sections should be referred to the ARTIS in DICOM format.

Compatible materials (Acrylic Bone Cement)

Acrylic bone cements duly registered with ANVISA can be modeled using the mold. The medium has a protective coating that prevents adhesion of the material to its surface.


Making Process (Initial 3D reconstruction)
In the first stage tomographic examination of the patient is processed to generate a three-dimensional reconstruction, which will form the basis for the creation of the bone defect correction mold.

Mold creation

With the virtual reconstruction piece ready, a mold is generated to model the reconstruction material to be used during surgery. This mold is what ensures that the material chosen by the surgeon is perfectly modeled, according to the planned virtual part.