System for lumbar posterior arthrodesis made of biocompatible PEEK-Optima®.


ProSpace® PEEK is an implant used for stabilization of the lumbar and thoracic spine, with a posterior, mono or multi-threaded approach. Transparency in X-rays allows a quick and simple assessment of the bone structure and progress of arthrodesis. The tantalum pins serve for the location of the markers. ProSpace® offers primary stability, restoration of natural lordosis and long-term balance of the spine. In conjunction with simple, secure instruments, ProSpace® is the key to successful lumbar arthrodesis.


Many years of experience with ProSpace® Titanium led the development of ProSpace® PEEK;
ProSpace® PEEK and S4® Spinal System meet the requirements for complete stabilization;
Wide range of implant sizes;
Simple and focused instrumentation.


Thoracolumbar fusion in cases of:

degenerative instability;
post discectomy syndrome;
Post-traumatic Instability.