It is a multifunctional and modular neuroendoscope with primarily intraventricular indication although it can be used as endoscope assistant for neurosurgery. It consists of 3 different trocars for diagnosis and treatment, several instruments, electrodes, accessories and especially 2 different neuroendoscopes. Possessing an unique angled design, it is easy to handle and has universal use. The MINOP® system is known for its rigid instruments for its atraumatic tip of trocar and dual working channel, allowing the use of both hands.


Full HD-compatible endoscopes.


Intraventricular endoscopic surgery and assisted endoscopy;
Direct working channel for rigid instruments to increase control and accuracy;


MINOP® Modular Neuroendoscopy System;
Different viewing directions (0°, 30°);
Distal end of the blunt trocar with depth marking for atraumatic insertion.