Proven adjustable gravitational valve.


The MIETHKE proGAV Shunt System® represents a milestone in the range of adjustable valves. The precision valve made of titanium which combines the greatest possible security with the convenience of easy handling. The valve opening pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of patients, and this setting controls the ventricular pressure and will be more effective on patients in a lying position. In combination with the gravitational unit, the opening pressure will automatically increase as the patient stands up. MIETHKE proGAV® offers effective protection against excessive drainage. The patented adjustment and pressure verification instruments allow an easy, fast and uncomplicated treatment, without having to expose the patient to X-rays. The “Active-Lock” System protects MIETHKE proGAV® against accidental readjustments caused by external magnetic fields and allows exposure of MRI up to 3 Tesla.


Safe and compatible with MRI of up to 3 Tesla;
Pressure levels for continuous adjustment between 0 and 20 cm H2O;
X-ray scanning without the set pressure level.


Treatment of hydrocephalus.