Fixed control valves combined with very low profile gravitational pressure systems.


The MIETKE paediGAV valve has been specially developed for the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus. This valve, as well as all MIETKE valves, has hydrostatic pressure control, which makes working with double pressure command. So when the patient is resting (lying), the valve operates only in the low resistance regime. When the patient is standing, it works in a higher range of resistance. Thus, it is the most efficient way of treatment of infant hydrocephalus, since MIETKE paediGAV valve automatically adjusts to the various positions the patient may be. Made of titanium, it is a biocompatible, accurate, reliable valve, and it possesses a lower external profile and a greater internal profile, since it does not need reinforcement in the walls due to the extremely rigid material that is titanium. This is not possible for the silicone valves.


Automatic opening pressure adjustment;
Low-profile, aerodynamic valve design;
Easy and rapid deployment;
Compatible with Magnetic Resonance.


The treatment of hydrocephalus.