The only self-adjusting gravitational valve for the treatment of adult hydrocephalus.


The MIETKE GAV valve is the only gravitational system for control of hydrocephalus in adults. This system automatically fits itself in various pressure control openings in accordance with changes in patient body position. This allows, then, an effective control of hyper drainage. Thanks to the effective control that fits almost to the physiological variations, MIETKE GAV valve is recommended very successfully in patients with NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus), which is a very extreme case of hydrocephalus in adults. The MIETKE GAV valve is made of titanium, which is a noble material which ensures biocompatibility, precision, reliability, besides having the largest internal profile, despite being considered the lower external profile.


Automatic opening pressure adjustment;
Effective protection against excessive drainage;
Compatibility with Magnetic Resonance;
Low-profile, aerodynamic valve design.


The treatment of hydrocephalus.