Lyostypt® is a stable hemostatic composed of collagen. Collagen provides the adhesion of thrombocytes to the activation of coagulation factor XII. It is worth noting that the collagen is very effective for hemostasis.

The structure of bovine collagen with a wide surface, is an ideal place for platelet adhesion, thereby helping to accelerate the clotting process.

Lyostypt® is sterilized by gamma radiation and is available in rectangular packs of various sizes.


Quick hemostasis activation;
Completely absorbable;
It can be removed easily;
It can be used endoscopically;
It can be used concomitantly with antibiotics and fibrin glue;
Collagen is fully compatible with cells, while other hemostatics can significantly hinder cell growth significantly.


Local hemostatic agent indicated in cases of capillary bleeding, parenchymal organ bleeding, bleeding wounds; for local hemostasis in hemodialysis; slow bleeding and as a support method for other Hemostasis techniques.


Surgeon reviews:

– “Collagen has the great advantage of rapidly inducing hemostasis, little tissue reaction and quick resorption.”
– “Collagen proved to be the best Hemostatic Agent in Microvascular Surgery.”
– “Voormolen concluded that collagen provides faster Hemostasis than Oxidized Cellulose. The same applies in the resorption matter. “