Set Subiton CIFO is a complete system for the percutaneous treatment of vertebral bodies through the kyphoplasty balloon technique.


1 2mm diameter Kirschner guide wire;
1 Chuck door-wire;
1 3 x 150 mm puncture needle;
1 4 x 150 mm Needle for kyphoplasty;
1 Hammer;
1 3.9 x 200 mm Fresa handle;
1 Chuck without tip to push the cement;
1 Kyphoplasty Balloon;
1 Syringe to fill the balloon with pressure gauge;
1 Vase (pot/bowl);
1 Spatula;
3 Suction cannulas;
1 Tube Connector;
3 3cc syringes;
Cement for kyphoplasty CIFO VTP.


It has a higher viscosity than other cements for vertebroplasty.
Low setting temperature.
High radiopacity.