The Aesculap Hydrolift vertebral body replacement system (VBR) is indicated for use in thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine (T1 to L5) for partial or total replacement of damaged or unstable vertebral body due to a tumor or trauma. The Aesculap Hydrolift VBR system is intended to be used as an additional spine fixation system as the Aesculap MACS® TL or S4® systems.

Hydrostatic distraction

Hydrolift is the first and only vertebral body replacement system to incorporate the hydrostatic force as the first form of distraction. This allows optimized tactile feedback and digital monitoring pressure control to minimize the possibility of damage to the endplate of the vertebral body.

The Hydrolift Vertebral Body Replacement System

It is designed with a small cross-sectional area allowing minimal bone resection of the vertebral body.
The final distraction position and maintained/sustained through a lock mechanic for safety and protection.
It has a 21 to 94mm expansion range to accommodate the needs of one and two vertebral bodies.

Board-terminal design

The Hydrolift VBR endplates are coated with Plasmapore to allow angulation in-situ corresponding precisely to the anatomical needs of the patient.

Hydrolift VBR board-terminals

They are fully adjustable to +/- 10 degrees to match the exact anatomical situation.
It has latches for immediate stability and Plasmapore for long term fixation.
It has an anatomical design that adheres to Wolff’s Law.
Are fully “interchangeable” to mix and match sizing.