DuraSeal™ Spine Sealant

DuraSeal ™ Xact is composed of two solutions: a polyethylene glycol ester solution (PEG) / trilisine amine and a borate buffer solution (referred to respectively as “blue” and “transparent” precursors) which, when mixed together, form the seal, it should be used in 1-hour period after preparation.


Speed: readily prepared in less than two minutes and used within one hour period.
Convenience: single use kit stored at a temperature of 5 to 25ºC (41º to 77ºF).


The DuraSeal Xact ™ consists in an anti-adhesion barrier and a synthetic, waterproof, absorbable sealant system.

The absorption of the sealant hydrogel takes between 9 and 12 weeks, sufficient time to allow healing.

The DuraSeal Xact ™ system is intended to be used in surgery to the spinal cord level, promoting a watertight sealing function and anti-adhesion barrier for inhibiting post-operative epidural fibrosis.