The new generation of titanium clips for rapid cranial fixation


Since its introduction to the market in 1997, CranioFix® titanium fixation system by Aesculap has been an outstanding success. CranioFix® revolutionized cranial fixation in neurosurgery. In the hands of thousands of neurosurgeons, CranioFix® became one of the leading methods of the area.

Aesculap, in its constant leading position, innovated again with the launch of Craniofix2. Its application has become much faster easy and efficient. Craniofix2 provides optimum stability and, above all, highly reliable cranial fixation procedure.


Quick and easy to apply;
Excellent reliability;
Brilliant stability;
Safe surgery.


Fixation of bone of skull flaps;
Fixation of fractures skull.


Well known implant material (Titanium alloy);
High bio-compatibility;
Compatible with MRI.