Cerebral Ventricular Catheter


The Brain Catheters are made of medical grade silicone, in sizes Adult, Infant and Neonatal, and straight and angled models. All models come with stainless steel guide for introduction. Catheters have markings at every 1 cm for guiding the introduction. The Neonatal catheter has a pre-attached tank for puncture. The upright models come with 90 ° hedges with “ears” for attachment.


Peritoneal catheter


Peritoneal catheters are manufactured from medical grade silicone, in adult and child sizes in different lengths. Catheters have markings at every 10 cm to guide the introduction. The catheter has an open distal tip.



Lumboperitoneal T-shaped Shunt


System developed for peritoneal lumbar shunt in cases of communicating hydrocephalus. The system’s implant is done by open surgery, where you can access and drain the two medullary canals with a single shunt. The catheters are manufactured from medical grade radiopaque silicone, and pressure control is performed by the distal catheter slit. The system is manufactured in extra-low, low, medium and high pressures.