Coverage area for each presentation 1gr- 80 cm²; 2grs – 240 cm²; 3 grams – 400 cm².
After application it is necessary to remove excess Bleed STP, because of the formed coagulum.


Bleed STP+ is used specifically for adhesions; the product is not to removed, as it is its presence that prevents the growth of adhesions.
Absorption time or enzymatic degradation, for both STP and STP+;
Enzymatic Degradation: STP maximum 10 days, STP+ maximum 40 days.

Detailing the mechanism of action

Bleed STP and STP+, in contact with blood, absorb the more fluid part of it (plasma), forming a gel. At the ends of this gel, platelets, red blood cells and other blood constituents concentrate, accelerating the natural process of hemostasis. CMC, present only in Bleed STP+, helps to protect the affected region, functioning as a protective film preventing adhesions.


Forms a sealing layer (barrier) on the injury;
It allows visual monitoring of hemostasis;
Dehydrating effect;
Reduces the time of the coagulation process by agglutination;
Assists the effects of the clotting cascade factors XII, XI, IX and VIII;
Bio absorption 7 to 10 days, if STP and STP 30 to 40 days +;
Hemostasis time: 1-2 minutes;
Accelerates coagulation with and without normal clotting factors;
Little interference in imaging examinations;
Soluble in water;
Can be easily removed.