The Implantable Intracranial clips for cerebral aneurysm, the aneurysm clips are devices used solely for closing and / or isolation veins and / or arteries due to Cerebral Aneurysms in humans.

The ADCA Aneurysm Clips are packaged in primary packaging made of surgical grade paper. They have a wide range of models and are designed to meet the diverse needs according to the location and position of the aneurysm.


The Implantable Intracranial clips are generally suitable for the hemorrhagic type aneurysms. Its goal is to prevent the occurrence of a rupture with consequent bleeding within the brain cavities. The implanted clip works by closing the walls of the vein or artery, allowing blood flow to be maintained within the circulatory system. This procedure aims to minimize the risk of a stroke.

Suitable only for brain aneurysms, for patients of all ages, being the neurosurgeon to evaluate the surgical risk and the models to be used in different types of aneurysm.

The Intracranial Clip for Cerebral Aneurysm-TITANIUM is available in the following models: Mini Permanent, Permanent Standard, Permanent Fenestrated, Mini Temporary and Temporary Standard.