Biopsy and Bone Marrow Aspiration Cannula

The TRAPSYSTEM® cannula prevents the deflection maneuver. It has a cannula that protects the fragment as to not damage it. A greater comfort in the removal of the cannula from the patient with a simple handling speed.

The procedure with the cannula is accomplished with the pyramidal tip, which allows to easily penetrate the bone tissue. The calibrated mandrel with pyramidal tip facilitates the introduction through the bone wall.

The anatomical design makes it easy to test with certain handling regarding the necessary force applied to the puncturing of the bone tissue, as it is not locally unloaded across the palm.


Greater patient comfort;
Fast procedure;
Easy handling;
Obtaining accurate sample for biopsy.


Suitable for the removal of vertebral body samples.

The TRAPSYSTEM® biopsy needle provides a simple percutaneous procedure that is faster and less painful to the patient. This is due to its extremely efficient and accurate sample drilling and collection system, penetrating easily in the bone structure and removing intact samples of the vertebral body.