About Traumacamp

Specialized in the field of distribution of medical products, focusing on neurosurgery and traumatology.

The experience and entrepreneurship of its founders were instrumental in the beginning of a success story. Since then, the company moves at a steady speed of growth, caring and building loyalty with prestigious healthcare covenants and hospitals throughout upstate São Paulo.
Based on a work of boldness, simplicity and responsibility, Traumacamp possesses a highly qualified team, offering to its clients an efficient administrative structure, personalized 24/7 care, agility in provisioning supplies for elective and urgent/emergency surgeries.

With this, Traumacamp consolidates its position on the market, offering more and more quality every day to its clients and collaborators.

To provide high-quality products and services, always with enthusiasm and responsibility, valuing the satisfaction of our customers. To offer a training program that serves all sectors, with themes that strive for improvement, specialization and technological updates, managing to adapt its team to the needs of each client. With a plan drawn through medium and long-term goals, the company can achieve financial and administrative stability, consolidated with partners’ and collaborators’ respect.

To strive for continuous improvement through commitment, trust and respect between our clients and suppliers, and this be a reference in the market segment of medical implants.

Traumacamp’s values are grounded on the following principles:

  • Excellence – Constant strive for the highest degree of efficiency;
  • Seriousness – Work developed with extreme professionalism;
  • Responsibility – Total commitment to our clients;
  • Integrity – To always act transparently and honestly.